Born in the early 70s to Bishop John and Linda, with 4 siblings, Pastor Johnny Tipton is no stranger to our church or community. He has served here in our local church and surrounding community most of his life alongside his late father, Bishop John Tipton. Pastor Johnny Tipton has the vision to see our cities and communities changed by the power of Jesus, through preaching, community outreach, and reaching those that have been discarded while obeying the Great Commission. Pastor Johnny Tipton has felt the call of God on his life to serve in ministry at the early age of nine (9) years old. It was shortly after his late father took pastorship of the Bible Church of Jesus located in Murfreesboro Tennessee that Pastor Johnny Tipton preached his first message with the help and mentorship, under the direction of his father. He grew up he grew up playing drums and worshiping with his family in old fashion Holy Ghost filled tent revivals, brush harbor meetings, preaching on the streets, and anywhere his family was called to serve. Revivals, campmeetings, conferences, and church meetings were the foundation of his young childhood. As pastor Johnny Tipton got older he became an accomplished keyboardist as well as praise and worship leader in the local assembly. Pastor Johnny Tipton has traveled across the country leading worship services for many churches, both organizational an independent church’s during their corporate gatherings, or special meetings. Pastor Johnny Tipton worked alongside of Bishop John Tipton (his late father) until his passing in September of 2020 after which he was installed and set as Senior Pastor of the Bible Church of Jesus. It is the heart of Pastor Johnny Tipton to see every life changed by the power of Jesus Christ through discipleship and mentorship.

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